Eating For Life by Bill Phillips Eating For Life Diet Plan Review

The Eating For Life Diet Information

  • Authored by Bill Phillips.
  • Lose weight by feeding your body, not starving it.
  • Personalized plan for safe weight loss.
  • Eat balanced and frequent high-nutrient meals.

How The Eating For Life Diet Works

Author Bill Phillips has helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthy. He has shared his program in the #1 New York Times best-selling book Body-for-Life. His Eating For Life Diet focuses on renewing physical and mental strength.

The is based on 4 primary ingredients:

  1. Right Foods
  2. Right Amounts
  3. Right Combos
  4. Right Times

This diet advocates that, when you combine these four ingredients, you will have the recipe for a balanced, healthy and satisfying diet.

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Smaple Eating For Life Menu Plan

Breakfast: Omelet filled with diced ham, bell pepper and onion with whole-wheat toast

Snack: Apple & Cheese

Lunch: Taco-seasoned ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes with a creamy salsa dip

Snack: Strawberry Banana Nutrition Shake

Dinner: Peppered steak strips with oriental-style vegetables and noodles

Dessert: Fortified Fudgesicle

Eating For Life by Bill Phillips