Detoxification & Anti-Aging

The unhealthy accumulation of toxins in our environment and in our bodies is one of the main reasons we age prematurely. Once these toxins enter our body, they are stored in our body fat and nerve tissue.

The body stores what it cannot use to try to protect you from it with disastrous results. So, when you diet or exercise you are actually flooding your body with herbicides, pesticides, hormones, etc. that was stored in your fat tissue.

Unfortunately, there are numerous sources of these toxins, including lead in our tap water, airborne pollutants and off-gassing, pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, antibiotics and growth hormones given to livestock to make them reproduce and grow larger, food preservatives, antibiotics, medications, cleaning agents, and cosmetics.

Red Tez Detox

Coconut Oil and Detox

All have an impairing cumulative effect to our immune system as well as our reproductive capacity. Most water in this country is treated with chlorine and/or fluoride. This simply means that we are constantly undoing the good we do by watching our diet and exercising regularly.


Detoxification and Anti-AgingDetoxification must be carried out thoroughly – body, mind, spirit, home, work, family, and friends. Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury are major culprits for damage to the kidneys, liver and brain. Yet, people knowingly and willingly allow these poisons to enter their bodies.

Silver amalgam fillings allow mercury to leak into the body, causing neurological changes. Tests have been conducted showing that people suffering from multiple sclerosis have substantial improvement once their fillings are removed.

Aluminum, a long-suspected contributor to Alzheimer`s disease and senile dementia is introduced into our bodies daily through cookware, antacids and aluminum foil.

Frequent use of antibiotics lowers the immune system and promotes imbalances and pathogens throughout the intestinal tract. Most prescriptions are symptom alleviators rather than a cure.

Alcohol in any amount destroys folic acid, B6 and B12, which aids in the aging of the heart and causes free radicals.


Stress is equally debilitating. Negativity brings on diseases such as C, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Your body cannot tell the difference between whether or not you are having a bad day or something terrible is happening to you. It only reacts to the emotions you are feeling.

So, if you are constantly stressed with anxiety, fear and anger your body will suffer the consequences.

Body Detoxification

The easiest way to explain what Body Detoxification is and does is to say that it is the process of eliminating toxins from your body. There are almost as many ways for toxins to accumulate within the body as there are toxins that can be accumulated. The ways to remove the accumulated toxins are also very numerous. In order to be healthy we need to detoxify our body.

Detoxification is important because as toxins drain away from your body, you are likely to feel a return of energy and vitality as your body is allowed to function at the peak of its efficiency since it no longer has to battle toxins. Since toxins are believed to cause wrinkles and other signs of aging, your body detoxification treatment can act as an anti-aging treatment.

There are two main ways that the detoxification can occur, either natural or assisted, but the natural detoxification has a far larger chance of not completely detoxifying the body and leaving residue behind when compared to the results of assisted detoxification. The assistance can be rendered by a number of different products or treatments. These can include a sauna or a course of supplements or chelation therapy.

There are many different types of detoxification, which revolve around certain crucial areas of the body. There are Colon , Gallbladder, Heavy Metal, Intestinal, Kidney, Liver and Urinary Detoxifications. This is in addition to eliminating parasites and balancing your pH, all of which are necessary to completely cleanse your body.

The major detoxification therapy available is chelation therapy, which is the process of binding chemicals to minerals; once this is done the toxins can be purged from the body in the usual manner. One of the main branches of chelation therapy is EDTA or ethylene-diamine tetra-acetic acid, this form of therapy introduces this weak amino acid into the purpose of gradually reducing the quantity of atherosclerotic plaque in the body as well as reducing the levels of other minerals in the cardiovascular system.

Each toxin laden area of the body will need specific products to cleanse it of toxins. These must be carefully scrutinized before purchase to ensure that you are choosing products that will work in harmony with one another and not neutralize each other or cause adverse reactions. Each detoxification product will have its own beneficial results and it is best to get complementary products to ensure that you treat your body to the best detoxification program available.

There are programs that are available that will advise you on what products will work best with one another so analysis of these programs will either help you to decide that you wish to follow a program or it will give you a basis to start building your own body detoxification program.

Home Detoxification

  • Remove all gasoline, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints and thinners. Everything that would vaporize and seep into your house from your attached garage or basement.
  • Seal off any ducts or vents between your garage and house.
  • When working in your garden or lawn, remove your shoes before coming indoors.
  • If you`re working with chemicals, immediately wash your work clothes so that the contaminants are not carried into your home.
  • Seal off exterior walls and do everything possible to minimize moisture in your basement. This dampness is enough to support a healthy growth of mold that can permeate your home. A forced-air heating system can carry spores throughout your home.
  • Be aware of fermented foods, including mushrooms, that can cross-react with airborne mold spores that trigger allergic reactions.
  • Take care that your kitchen is thoroughly vented to prevent build-up of gas burn-off from stoves and pilot lights.
  • Make sure your microwave oven is not leaking; a defective microwave creates unhealthy conditions within eight feet.
  • Make sure there are no freon leaks from your refrigerator.
  • Discard all aluminum-based cookware
  • Do not use aluminum foil in cooking; it can oxidize microscopic amounts of the metal into your food. Foil is safe to use when storing cooked foods.
  • Do not use Teflon or other nonstick cookware; it can easily get into your food and body.
  • Discard all ammonia-based cleansers. It`s very toxic.
  • Invest in a negative ionizer to eliminate airborne toxins – mold spores, dust, cigarette smoke, hydrocarbons, pet hair and dander, positive ions – in your home.
  • Use distilled water in your humidifier; otherwise mineral deposits from the water will end up on your carpet, floor, and furniture.
  • Use plants – especially leafy green, non-flowering varieties that don`t produce pollen – to improve air quality in your home. They`re natural air purifiers!
  • Use full-spectrum light bulbs in your home to provide the same quality of light as natural sunlight. This nurtures and improves the condition of the hypothalamus in the brain.
  • Have your home heating system inspected and repaired if necessary, to make certain there are no leaks of fuel and fumes.
    Clean up the clutter in your life – the garage, the kitchen, your closets and dressers, your car, your office. Dust mites thrive in a paper- and clutter-filled environment. So do disease-carrying insects like cockroaches and rodents