Coconut Oil And Detox For Boosting Your Energy

Coconut Oil And Detox For Boosting Your Energy As I age, I’ve been more and more concerned with keeping my metabolism highly efficient, and keeping my energy peaked. Of course, exercise and diet are the key ways to do this, but more particularly, there are a few practices that I’ve found which have really helped to enhance my metabolism and enhance my energy levels naturally.

The first is consuming coconut oil.

Coconut oil is piled high with the sort of fuel the metabolism loves. The medium chain triglycerides which are abundant in coconut oil can be employed by the body for quick fuel and for a pleasant boost to the overall metabolism. The body prefers to burn medium chain triglycerides rather than store them, and because of this, you’ll regularly find them as an ingredient in many protein powders.

A half hour or so before a workout, I take a scoop of unrefined coconut oil. The boost in energy I get is unquestionably obvious, but more importantly, it’s consistent. I don’t get a fast rush of energy and then a dip. With a spoonful of coconut oil, I’ve been able to workout for an additional 30 minutes before fatigue sets in. I am getting more out of my workouts and my energy levels and metabolism stay revved up.

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Another great thing I’ve discovered for keeping the metabolism burning at peak efficiency is a good detoxification routine. Toxins can be like invisible weights attached to the body and can drag a person into fatigue. Detoxing helps people get back to optimum efficiency.

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My preferred strategy of detoxifying is to take a full spectrum green powder formula filled with fruit and vegetable nutrients, plus a good range of grasses and algae. These sorts of green powder combos are loaded with chlorophyll from multiple sources, and their detoxing capabilities are typically unrivaled. Plus you get the added advantages of a large range of nutrition.

If you’re interested in reading more about green powder combinations, have a look at this Green Vibrance review. Green Vibrance is one of the best green powder combinations out there. Unrefined coconut oil can generally be bought fairly cheap at your local health food store.